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    USAA suspended my credit card

    They said 2 things alerted their fraud dept:

    1. Large charges
    2. Multiple payments per month

    1. I charged my wife's surgery costs ($15k) this month to make room for all of it (I like getting 2.5% cash back). Also charged $13k for the new deck.
    2. I usually pay the card off twice each month to keep the credit utilization low but this month I paid it 4 times to make room for the above big charges.

    Apparently that equals fraud. I wouldn't mind so much if they had told me they were looking into it and suspended my card. They just suspended the card and when I called I spent 90 minutes on the phone trying to figure out why it was suspended.

    Maybe the $2,500 they have sent me back so far this year has irritated them.


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    Wow! That is surprising. Maybe it was a rewards issue. Would they issue you another card with different (lower) rewards?

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    It is a fraud scenario...charge a bunch pay it off charge a bunch check bounces and then you disappear. Does your limit allow to just make one payment a month? Maybe make one large payment for the current balance on the due date. If you do that by the time the next statement is generated a few days later your balance will be low. Unless USAA is different most credit card companies only report to the credit bureaus when then statement is mailed and not several times a month.

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    Suspended (which implies that they can re-enable it if the payment clears), or cancelled (implies permanence)?



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