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    Hi guys, I'm looking for some advice from any etsy/ folksy sellers out there. I'm hoping to open up a shop soon on one of the sites selling some of the knitting I do in my spare time. I'm hoping to get some advice on which would be the best way to do this - is it best to use one of these, ebay or something else entirely? Also, if I do start selling, is it more effective to sell a range of items or focus on something in particular. I was thinking of putting up some of the spare scarves I've already made to begin with, but I'm also trying to work on these little knitted animals at the moment which would fit into more of a niche I guess and I could wait and focus specifically on those...

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    Etsy Help

    Hey I just opened an etsy store two days ago and would recommend that over ebay for selling anything handmade. I think having a range of items would be helpful but I've only got a few bum bags listed and in 36 hours i've had over 800 views and a few requests for custom orders. I think as long as you promote as much as you can you'll be fine You can always add more/different items as time goes on

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    Wowww [member=2490]BriarRose[/member] I'm really impressed you've made so much headway in such a short time, I'd imagined it would be really slow. How are you going about promoting your store, if you don't mind me asking? Yeah it would probably be good to jump in while I've got momentum too instead of waiting to have some perfect niche that might not ever work out. Well done on your progress so far

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    38 sales in 2 years here. You have to promote your listings otherwise they will just sit there doing nothing, like mine.

    Cheaper than ebay but you do have to pay a listing fee for each product you list. Ebay is free to list but more expensive fees.



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