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    [OT] Task360 - Earn money completing tasks with your iPhone

    Finally the NDA has been lifted on this so we can talk about it openly

    Me and probably a few others on here have been doing tasks on this since near enough the beginning of the year - We've been helping find bugs and what not before the app went live.

    Yes it's another task based app however it is from the guys who run Field Agent in the UK - Why have they made another app? Well amongst other things it lets them have a LOT more flexibility in terms of what they can offer clients - which will mean more work in the long term.

    You can download the app from


    It is iPhone only, I don't see that changing

    There is a 2000 location task coming on very soon and also the billboard tasks that used to be on FA are coming over to Task360

    We have a very good blog post about it all going up soon on TMS Blog

    In the last few months i've done various drinks and location checks...

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    So glad I can finally talk about this! My friend and I hammered the location and street name tasks- we managed to do 350 tasks spread over the South West coastline in 10 days. Most of its been paid, just waiting on 80 odd tasks to be approved. Can't wait for more, really enjoyed travelling to a new town every day, earning money and getting back before the school run

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    Wowza! - How much did you earn doing that?

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    Oooo looks great! I should really get myself an I-phone ha
    I'll look forward to reading the blog post



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