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    Field Agent UK - Earn money using your iPhone

    We look at the money-making potential for those that use Field Agent UK on their iPhone.

    When you buy your next phone, do you ever factor in the true cost. Probably, but do you also factor in the money-making potential?

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    Field Agent is a world-wide app which has a UK version (Field Agent UK). It is half crowd sourcing and half scavenger hunt. Using the app you are instructed to go out and about and do various tasks. Anything from taking a photo of a billboard to snapping photos of product stands in supermarkets. Basically whatever data the client asks Field Agent to get for it, that's what you go and do.

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    When you first run Field Agent it will ask you to make a login. Simply follow the instructions and it will then create you an account. Once done it will then use your location to show you jobs that are available nearby.

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    As you can see each task comes with a set of instructions. Simple Accept the Job and do as you are asked. Once you have finished it gets approved by the FA team at HQ. You are able to take quite a few jobs in one go, so you could do a 'loop' of jobs if a few of them are all bunched near each other.



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