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    Denied Access to SS Web Site Account

    Visited the SS web site today for the first time in a few months. Entered my account information and got the message pasted below. I only entered my info once not "three times". Does that mean someone else was attempting to access my info before I tried logging in?
    We have suspended electronic access to your personal information.
    We tried three times to match the information you provided with our records, but were unable to do so. You may try to access the electronic information again after 24 hours. Please verify your personal information again before trying to use this online service.
    This suspension will not affect any Social Security benefits you receive. For further

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    Last time I tried it even though I used exactly what I had written down I received the same message. Have not taken time to contact them. I did start but they said that they had to send you temporary information via mail. Which is different than what you received. I tried the end of December.

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    Same thing happened to me. I contacted my local SS office, they helped me get back in and I found out that you have to change your password every six months. That is why using exactly what you have written down no longer works.

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