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    Hi Everyone,

    I’m 27. I would love advice and ways to diversify my investments and/or eliminate debt. I earn W2 income ($40k full-time job, 4.7k part-time job).

    I own 5 homes. 4 rentals. (Earned $18,516.00).
    Home #1: Worth $162k—owe $133k, 29k equity
    Home #2: Worth $148k—owe $111k, 37k equity
    Home #3: Worth $120k – owe $84k, 36k equity
    Home #4: Worth $120k – owe $96k, 24k equity
    Home #5: Worth $78k – owe $49.5k, 28.5k equity

    $117,500.00 in RE equity.

    I have approximately $85,878.00 in various accounts (checking’s/savings/CD’s), and around $10k in 401k.

    Great things about 2017.
    - I paid off my car (around $9k)
    - I paid off $5k CC debt, I owe around $19.5k (with 0% interest).
    - Purchased multiple RE investments!

    Two priority goals for 2018.
    1. I plan to purchase a minimum of 3 rental properties this year.
    2. I want to pay off $10k (credit card debt).
    3. Find other investors to partner with!

    I would love to hear more of ways to invest outside of RE. And, would love to connect with other savers and RE investors!

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    Advice: Ways to Diversify Investment Portfolio/Find connections/Develop

    To me the personal debt is a non starter and I would go the other way till i had my cash flow in hand, ideally including the personal residence. Then restart will less leverage and higher profit margin. I'm interested to know how many cycles you have weathered?

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    How do you make in such a short time so much money for $170k equity. If bought in the last year then $170k is 4 years of gross income. Even saving over 10 years since age 17 then it's $10k/year which seems like a lot. Plus another $85k in checking account, $10k in 401k, paying off $9k car and $5k CC debt. Which is fine but I'm a bit confused by how you do it on $40k even keeping every penny and living at home for so $40k after SS and Medicare and no other expenses.

    I guess I'm not a bank. I would probably question how you can keep buying what if a renter stops paying? Do you not need cushion?

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    Rather than buying more, I would start paying off the ones with lower debt. Once those are paid for, sock some away for maintenance and expenses and the rest is all gravy.

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    Good question. I'm licensed as a real estate agent too. I find motivated sellers and/or homes in need of cosmetic repairs and purchased 75%-80% of current value and wait for appreciation to cash-out refinance.

    If I find a home for $80k (and worth $105k), pay 15% down and find renter willing to pay $1000.00, on a $550.00 mortgage it shows I am earning $200.00 monthly according to banking standards. That means I not only make $3500.00 for W2 employment but earn $200.00 from that investment. Does that make sense?



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