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    Peterborough and Stamford

    Hello there!

    Are there any Peterborough or Stamford investors around? I know that there isn't a current Property Hub meet up in the area, so I am wondering if anyone can recommend an alternative networking group? I'm new to the area and property investing so it would be great to hear from anyone living and or investing in Peterborough or Stamford.


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    Hi, sorry this is a bit of a late reply! I have recently been investing in Peterborough, did you find any networking groups in the area?

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    Hi Holly and Razzoul, I'm from Stamford....) A Peterborough group meets monthly at Orton Hall Hotel.
    I've only been the once but looking to attend regularly when time permits..
    Organisation is Yvonne Emery yvonne@yvonneemerycoaching.co.uk
    Drop her a line and see you at one soon.

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    Hi Barry

    Many thanks for that, I will get in touch with them and hopefully see you at one in the near future...


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    Razzoul - I haven't found a networking group yet but will be giving Barry's suggestion a go. Thank you Barry!




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