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    Cryptocurrency investments

    At the end of 2012 I ended up with 10 worth of Bitcoin (nearly half a Bitcoin) after an online transaction. I thought at the time that I had lost my 10 as I was struggling to find a way to convert it back to Pounds sterling. The Bitcoin market has gone through the roof this year though & the current value is above 2000 for my 10 Bitcoin. I'm considering putting another 10 in every few weeks if it continues to grow (figure its just as likely to make me a millionaire as buying a lottery ticket). I was just wondering if anyone on here has made money through Cryptocurrency? It is risky & probably best not to put too much money into it

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    How are you planning on buying 10 of bitcoin? Do you have your own bitcoin wallet or are you storing online?

    Would be interested to hear.

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    I have a Bitcoin wallet. There is an option in the wallet to buy more Bitcoin through their partner Exchange. Think the minimum you can buy is around 10.

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    Interesting .

    looking to get involved as well.

    where is the best place to start ?

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    Half of me is temped to drop 500 on this just to 'see what happens' lol



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