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    Save money on your utilities

    The next post is now live here: http://blog.themoneyshed.co.uk/money...our-utilities/

    For me saving money is just as important as making money. What is the point in making money when you are pouring it away overspending on things?

    I’d love to hear your stories of how you have saved money on your utilities, past or present stories!

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    Hi Katy
    Being a singleton I found that by using a water meter I saved hundred on my water bills....I probably pay a third of what I did when I wasn't on the meter.

    Re gas and electric. I was with the very well known one for gas which was becoming more and more expensive every time I received a bill I could not understand why it was so much as I had a light usage but apparently that's what I had to pay! I got fed up of them and looked into switching and fixing. I ended up switching the gas to the same provider for my electric on a dual fuel tariff. This was fixed for two years so I knew the price wouldn't go up per unit in that time, not only that but the price was so much cheaper than my previous provider. I think it was by a few hundred a year at least! Anyway that deal comes to an end in March and there was no exit fee so I've recent switched to another provider - still part way through the process which is very easy and just a case of sitting back and waiting to hear when you need to give a meter reading. This other provider will have saved me 11 a month more than the last provider. This deal is for 18 months fixed and I get 30 cash back BUT there is a 60 exit fee so if you do wish to exit nearer the end of the deal then I suppose you could say the 60 exit fee is really a 30 exit fee if you take into account the 30 cashback. I have to be honest and say that all this has probably been helped with the fact that I had a new combi boiler installed two years' ago which is supposed to be energy efficient. But I would recommend the comparison site to check out the best switch. I am with Cheap Energy Club which lets you know automatically if there are any cheaper deals than the one you are on. I'm ringing the praises of switching right now but I am only part-way through the process and hoping it will run smoothly as last time but it was a very easy transition from what I recall!

    Broadband - not such great luck - I'm with V where it seems I have to have a package or if I just want BB then it's more or less the same prices. I find them quite expensive to be honest and they do tend to put the prices up quite a lot over time. The best deals they give to new customers. However they seem to be pretty reliable with the service. TBH I've not tried to haggle with them recently but I don't think they give in much, plus I'm only on the basic package.

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    We're big on energy saving and saving by switching.

    Gas and Electricity - we recently switched provider after our last decided that we used our annual energy consumption in July alone and doubled our payments. We had to fight them each month with meter readings and no matter how many we gave they still noted estimates. On top of the switch, saving the obvious overpayment and then some we also got 50 in cashback

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    Water - we lived in a small 2 bed many years ago and were paying 33, when we moved to a 3 bed they wanted us to pay 45 a month which we thought was ridiculous so requested a water meter. We've been on/around 19 a month ever since.

    Broadband - now we can, we're in the lucky position of Aaron working for BT so our broadband is free (just pay for line rental and a lower rate for TV services). We have to signup as a normal customer so got 120 in cashback for that too

    All our bulbs are energy saving, we use the smaller flush on the loo and it might sounds disgusting but we'll shout out before flushing to see if someone else wants the low - a bit more civilised than the whole "if it's yellow let it mellow". We try to get energy efficient appliances with a minimum of an A grading and we charge phones in the car where possible

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    Erm, yeah that's the one [member=340]Darcey[/member]

    In all fairness, the first year we were with them they were great. It's when we moved to our previous house that the problems started so hopefully you'll be fine.



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