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    Do you think Mental health plays a BIG part in the working from home world?

    A lot of people who come to TMS or interact with me online say they work from home because their anxiety can be so crippling that they can't hold down a regular 9-5.

    Others will say to me that the loneliness and general loss of a social structure that you get from working at home 24/7 actually contributes to their general mental health issues in a negative way and so makes is 10 times worse!

    Do you think working online is a help or a hindrance for people with mental health issues?

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    Doing the app jobs and mystery shopping helps get you out and about but its not he same as going out to a regular place of work and interacting with colleagues.

    The Money Shed forum helps a lot though.

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    Mental Health and Working from Home

    I definitely find a 9-5 challenging with regards to my anxiety, both in terms of the required social interaction and the general added pressures of being in the workplace. Some days even the thought of stepping outside of my front door can feel overwhelming, and therefore the prospect of walking into an office with forced social engagement and chit-chat can be especially daunting at times. Working from home enables me to have privacy (I'm very introverted so this is something I really value and therefore probably the reason I don't feel "lonely"), freedom, flexibility and breathing space. I think office politics has a lot to do with people's desire to work from home as this can be detrimental to their mental health - in my last job I came close to a breakdown due to the cliques/gossip/bullying that was rife there, and eventually was signed off with stress, whereupon I then discovered working from home.

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    However, I do think that working from home can amplify mental health issues insofar as you have to be very on the ball, work may not always be guaranteed and thus financial strain can be exacerbated, and for people who do thrive off social interaction, I think cabin fever could certainly set in quite easily. I'm more than happy pottering about at home with just my cat for company, though

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    I think it depends on the illness you're suffering from. If it's social anxiety than not leaving home won't help. But getting out and doing mystery shopping etc will help with this.



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