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    I'm not talking about the saving money part. I'm a big saver. I invested my first holy communion money (just kidding). When did you start daydreaming/planning your retirement lifestyle? Where you want to live? What type of residence? Any bucket list items to fulfill?

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    When did you start planning retirement?

    Seldom dreamed. Did find a ranch house with only one area where there is a step into family room. Have several wishes that I can see that they are floating away because of ageing but no real bucket list as in things I must do before I die. Run the "what if's" when planning for retirement. Things like what if one of you becomes sick, needs to go to a nursing home, or dies. What and how will the survivor live after that. Do at least one thing a year that you have thought about early in the retirement rather than planning year by year. Later in retirement you may find that your desires have changed but you can still look back at those special "me" times.

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    We're lousy savers, so people like you fill me with respect and awe!
    We started planning when I was 48 and my DH was 46. The state pension fund began sponsoring retirement seminars and we spent three years taking every one of them. One series we took three times, just to make sure we got every detail straight.

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    Smartest thing we ever did. It also really helped that my last job was with an independent CFP, who gave us some good tips and helped me see how planning makes a huge difference in the lives of people in a wide variety of circumstances.
    We never made as much money as most of our families and friends, but managing our careers and mapping strategies to lower our risk profiles enabled us to take early retirement even when the Great Recession hit. We lead a comfortable lifestyle and are enjoying our retirement.

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    Agree with maifleur - never had a bucket list. We had a lot of fun while we worked and have even more fun now. Never understood why anyone would "postpone" doing something that makes them happy....but then, we think it's vastly amusing that our friends jet all over the world, when people from all over the world save and scrimp to come visit here, envying us locals. LOL!



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