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    Building Contractors and Trades People Leeds


    I wondered if anyone had any contacts for building contractors or trades people in and around the West Yorkshire area, specifically Leeds. I do have a few contacts but its always good to get recommendations from others incase. I am looking for someone to carry out a full overhaul of a property i have acquired in Kirkstall.

    Any help would be much appreciated.


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    Hi Emily,

    Im in Leeds and have just finished renovating a property in Kirkstall/Bramley too - small world! Have some contacts I could put you in touch with so let me know what your looking for. Wherabouts have you bought?


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    Have just done a property in Bramhope, Emily. Happy to make specific recommendations for bathrooms, carpet fitter, plumber, electrician, etc.

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    Sam, I’m really nearby to Bramhope and have a mix of people I know around here but am short an electrician and a general joiner/builder/kitchen fitter type person as my last chap has retired. I’d be grateful if you could message me your recommendations please!

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    Hi Emily et al,

    I'm refurbing in Kirkstall as we speak. Sadly my all round joiner/builder type turned out to be less than reliable but I can recommend a brilliant electrician and roofer if you're still looking. Whereabouts are you all? I'm on Hawksworth Grove (which imo is just the right side of the Hawksworth estate!).




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