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    Invest in Bootle?

    Juat wanted some feedback on investing in Bootle? I know reading through previous threads that Bootle is usually given a wide berth however I have read that Sefton council are spending 100 million on regenerating the area . There are some big Edwardian and Victorian properties that are very inexpensive . Liverpool generally has been a good hot spot for investment so wondered if this would area in particular would be a good bet.
    Certain areas of London were not the best in the past and then after a wave of regeneration prices started to rise .
    Your thoughts would be most appreciated .

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    I can't see Bootle turning in to a nice area in the next 100 years. I live in Liverpool by the way. It would work well for LHA HMOs

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    Hi Joe- I would be interested to hear you thoughts on Seaforth and Litherland? Close to Bootle- but the fundamentals look good.

    Thanks for any help.


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    Bootle is excellent, in fact, if you follow the dock road from city centre to Blundell sands everywhere on that stretch is moderately priced with good return in rental value
    I would also look at Toxteth, ok in the long gone past it did not have such a good name but now with University, Hospitals, short-term holiday rent potential is very good
    Give it a try and do some research you will not be disappointed

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    Thanks Theresa, all very interesting. I have had an offer accepted on a property near Seaforth and Litherland. I'm happy with what I have agreed, just as I continued to dig I was thinking is this as good as I first thought- i'm confident it is. Do you think there will be much capital growth in this area? Do you think the impact of Liverpool waters and the development of the docks will reach out this far?

    I have looked at the Toxteth area as it ticks all the boxes of what I'm after and the impact of Liverpool Waters and Baltic Triangle being so close should only help. I ended up going for Seaforth and Litherland as the Victorian properties character swayed it. However I think from the research I have done Everton, Anfield Toxteth should be a great investment as well.



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