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    Invest in Bootle?

    Hi all

    Juat wanted some feedback on investing in Bootle? I know reading through previous threads that Bootle is usually given a wide berth however I have read that Sefton council are spending 100 million on regenerating the area . There are some big Edwardian and Victorian properties that are very inexpensive . Liverpool generally has been a good hot spot for investment so wondered if this would area in particular would be a good bet.
    Certain areas of London were not the best in the past and then after a wave of regeneration prices started to rise .
    Your thoughts would be most appreciated .

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    I can't see Bootle turning in to a nice area in the next 100 years. I live in Liverpool by the way. It would work well for LHA HMOs

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    Hi Joe- I would be interested to hear you thoughts on Seaforth and Litherland? Close to Bootle- but the fundamentals look good.

    Thanks for any help.


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    Bootle is excellent, in fact, if you follow the dock road from city centre to Blundell sands everywhere on that stretch is moderately priced with good return in rental value
    I would also look at Toxteth, ok in the long gone past it did not have such a good name but now with University, Hospitals, short-term holiday rent potential is very good
    Give it a try and do some research you will not be disappointed



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