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    Testable Minds

    Hi all,

    I came across this website via another forum and thought I would share the link here.
    It's not yet fully launched but looks like it will be doing research similar to prolific academic.
    On sign up you are given $5 (will need $30 to withdraw) and also $1 for everyone who signs up via your referral link after their first cash out.
    Worth a try and see how it goes.
    Here's my referral link.

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    Cheers, I've signed up and been credited the $5, let's see what happens!

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    Just joined and got my $5. The $5 is for the first 1000 participants only. Here’s my referral link

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    Looks like it could be good! I keep on getting the error message "Whoops, looks like something went wrong." when I try to register. Does anyone else keep getting this?



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