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    Has anyone else gotten the email from Vanguard inviting you to move from a mutual fund account to a brokerage account?
    Is there any reason not to do this? If I only invest in their mutual funds, is there any real benefit to doing it?

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    Vanguard email about moving to a brokerage account

    I have IRA and Roth IRA funds in mutual funds with them and I didn't get this. Maybe its only for funds held outside of retirement vehicles.

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    That could be. I do have taxable money with them also.

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    this switch has been going on for a while, slowly. But it appears (to me) that they want everyone on this new "platform"

    I saw it mentioned back in Nov 2014 somewhere else. And it came up again just recently at that same place.

    I opened my vanguard account this year. After setting it up, I was researching ETFs within my account when I was prompted to open the brokerage account.

    Having never been a VG customer before I don't know what the difference is...

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    I don't think there is a benefit to you, since you're not paying transaction fees either way. But it won't hurt anything, either.

    I have also read elsewhere that Vanguard is moving in this direction. I have not received a similar notice myself.



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