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    So, do we have any other streamers on here? I've just started streaming again with the aim of getting at least affiliated on Twitch.

    This means I can earn revenue when people buy games via my stream (so the game I'm currently playing) and they can also subscribe to my channel. I'm not expecting 100's but if I'm playing games anyway then I might as well stream so it can be a small bonus.

    I'm currently 54% of the way to being invited to the affiliate scheme so all I really need now is to push my numbers up, the biggest challenge is getting the follower count. I need 50 and I have 12 at the moment - which is good going in my opinion.

    So, if we have any other streamers looking to get to affiliate/partnership then pop your link below so we can support each other. I'm happy to follow and host anyone

    If you're not a streamer but have a Twitch account, consider following other Shedders for support

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    I've given you a follow!!! I work on a site called micro-workers, I've seen jobs pop up on there for people to subscribe with twitch prime to a channel. I'm guessing you could do this for follows as well. I'm a regular twitch watcher of poker channels. The big streamers often give advice to smaller streamers...

    1. Stick to a regular schedule
    2.engage with your audience in chat
    3. good equipment
    4. be yourself

    Hope this helps, good luck!!

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    Twitch Affiliate & Partnership

    I'm attempting to do all of those, I just need the chatters to chat haha. For me it's all about forcing myself to talk to myself while playing, I mean I do it all the time anyway (joys of working at home with a husband who sleeps in the day and works at night) so it shouldn't take long for me to embrace that on screen

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    I know because I did it for Steve McNeil (from Go-8 Bit), but if you know anyone with PRIME they can ‘follow’ you via Twitch Prime and they get paid. It doesn’t cost the PRIME member anything but the Twitcher still gets paid.

    Something to be aware of as you could promote that to help get extra cash without anyone actually paying any extra cash.

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    I will be doing once I'm at Affiliate, no point until I get that subscribe button



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