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    excel formula for new stamp duty

    Morning folks,

    Could anyone be kind enough to provide me with a formula to calculate the new stamp duty figures for second homes?

    My knowledge of excel stops at way before '=SUMPRODUCTS.....'

    Coiuld you assume the purchase price is A1

    Many thanks in advance.


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    Hey David

    Just take the existing stamp duty calculation and add 0.03*PRICE, like the following:


    Hope that helps!

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    Thats great, Ashley - many thanks

    Makes things a lot easier!

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    Just thought I would share an equation for anyone that uses numbers, the free Apple equivalent of Excel. Took me a while to find one that worked.

    = IF(A1>925000, 64000+(A1−925000)13%, IF(A1>250000, 10000+(A1−250000)8%, IF(A1>125000, 3750+(A1−125000)5%, IF(A1>0, (A1)3%))))

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    Hi Ashley,
    Many thanks for this. That's a great help!



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